Can I Rent A Movie Theater?

We all love a trip to the movies but everytime there is that one person who is just too loud. Be it having loud conversations or refusing to shut off their phone.

Scenarios like these can ruin the experience you came to enjoy, I am sure you have had the thought “what if I could just rent this place out and enjoy this on my own.”

Can I Rent A Movie Theater

Renting out a theater is something only reserved for the wealthy though right?

Well maybe not, so if you fancy watching a movie with just friends and family, then read on and we will tell you how you can make that next birthday party an amazing cinematic experience.

Why Rent A Theater?

You may be thinking that renting a theater is pointless for the amount of money you will be spending but hear us out and hopefully after reading these perks to renting your own theater you will change your mind.


There are many events that you can rent out a theater for some of these are birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties and just a large get together with friends and family.

You can also do much more than just watch films, if you are a manager at a company then host your next team meeting in a theater, or use it as a reward for all of your team’s hard work.

People who rent out theaters tend to use them as a way to raise funds for something, finally there are small level filmmakers who want to show their new film on the big screen to a small audience. 


Movie theaters come in a few different sizes, you can choose to host a few people or pack the theater with a room of people, there are companies designed solely for helping you to book a screen for you and your guests. 

Going through these people can make it much easier for you to put on the events you wish to be just for a fun experience or a work event. 

The Vibe

A movie theater experience is truly unique one we all know the feeling when the lights dim and the certificate comes up just before the film blares onto the big screen.

When you rent a theater you get all of these same feelings and it can even be elevated as it’s just you and people you know and there is no anxious feeling of praying that the child who just came in is not going to start crying the moment there is a loud noise. 

The movies are filled with a feeling of nostalgia for everyone so having it all to yourself will make the event you are throwing be an incredibly memorable experience for all involved.

When booking the theater you will be booking the whole venue, ensuring that it’s just you and those who you choose to take with you for the perfect private entertainment. 

How Do You Go About Renting?

With the advent of the internet booking a theater has been easier than ever. No longer do you need to go around to all the local theaters and speak with them directly to try and book out the venue.

Many of the places you would go to would not ever be available. 

Nowadays you do not need to waste your time trying to find the rare venue who would be open to renting to you and your party.

Now we can simply jump online and use Google and solve the issues of the past by potentially locating the perfect theater in only minutes. 

However using Google is not the most efficient method to find a theater willing to rent out their venue, using a third party site who will reach out to cinemas on your behalf is ideal as it saves you the hassle of needing to search on your own. 

Why Do Some Places Cost More?

There will always be a big gap in pricing between different venues and there are several reasons why this is the case so if you do plan to rent out a venue take a look at this list of factors that could be costing you more money than you would plan to be spending.

The Location

Perhaps the most important element in determining the cost of renting out a venue is where the theater is located.

As you may have guessed, if you are planning to rent in Austin, Los Angeles or Miami it is going to be far more expensive than Jacksonville, Gary or New Jersey.

Also neighborhoods within cities can also vary in price with a theater in lower income areas being much cheaper to rent than one in downtown or more affluent areas of the city.

The cost of living will always determine the price of businesses in the area. 

So if you plan to rent a theater in the city you should consider going for a cheaper option than the big bougie theater smack in the city center. 

Who Owns The Theater

This one should be obvious if you are able to rent out an AMC theater it will cost you more than a small independent theater.

The more simple the theater is, the less you will have to pay to rent, but in turn you will be downgrading the size and entertainment on offer in the bigger more commercialized theaters run by big companies. 

It is not just big theaters that will cost more, however, if you plan to rent a theater that has been a mainstay for a very long time and has huge historical significance then you will also be paying a larger fee than a newer theater.

You are not just renting an old theater, you are renting a piece of history for the local area.

Renting A Theater Room

Renting A Theater Room

If you do want to rent a theater from a big name such as Alamo or Cinemark then there are rules that must be followed that are set by the companies when it comes to renting one of their theaters.

Guest Capacity

So you want to throw a big watch party for the new big blockbuster movie. How many of your friends or family are you able to take?

Well we will take a look at the guest capacity for three big cinema companies. AMC, Alamo and Cinemark.

  • Cinemark – You will be allowed to take upwards of 20 people to the theater you have rented.
  • Alamo – Alamo is an outlier as the capacity will vary depending on the location so make sure to check beforehand. You will be allowed upwards of 30 people at certain theaters and only 10 guests at some others.
  • AMC – Much like Cinemark you will only be allowed upwards of 20 guests at any AMC theater you would choose.

The Cost

We have already discussed that theaters owned by companies will typically be more expensive than a smaller owned theater.

But let’s look into the specific prices that each venue will offer, so that if you only have these options available you will be aware of how much you will be paying roughly.


The price to rent a Cinemark theater out will range from $99 up to $149.

You may be wondering why the price ranges so much and well that is due to the location as we previously discussed, the showtime and also the movie you are choosing to see as a group.


Again the price will range with AMC mostly depending on the film you are seeing. Older films will cost $99 and the newer blockbusters will cost you between $149 to $349.


Finally we have Alamo, unlike the other two the price will not change regardless of what you are planning to watch. The price will be set at $163. You will need to pay a food and drink purchase that totals $150 but tickets are not included. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you now know how to rent out a movie theater and how much everything will cost you. If you do plan to rent out a theater then you can not go wrong if you simply follow everything we have laid out for you.

Whether a small independent theater or a large franchise theater you will capture that child like nostalgia of enjoying those movies that have become some of our favorites of all time.

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